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dazeoflaur's Journal

Hello, I'm Laurie Tavan and this is a blog about my work. I make corsetry and gowns as well as dabble in photography.

I actually have a dedicated website documenting my work - http://www.dazeoflaur.com/ - it is my homage to the days of yore. I found livejournal to have a great community for sharing more than just photos of the finished project but will soon be adding featured projects to my site as well.


How do you pronounce Daze of Laur?

My friends often use Laur as a nickname for my full name of Laurie. Daze = Days & Laur = Lore.

Can I friend you?

Yes! It may take me time to friend you back but only due to being busy.
If you are interested in more detail photos and/or my actual construction techniques feel free to friend me. I'm currently posting a bunch of my work at dressdiaries as well. I also periodically answer question for write for Cathy Hay. Check out her subscription sites for in depth looks at costuming & corsetry.

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And the sister site, Foundations Revealed:

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